Houghton 1st p4 a 2018.jpg

Stroke 10

A relatively short and easy beginning to the course; try keep it left in the fairway to open up this long green which angles away to the right. Chance for birdie, especially if you warmed up with a bucket of balls on the range beforehand.

Houghton 2nd p4 a 2018.jpg

Stroke 2

A long & fairly narrow par 4, with a “valley of sin” guarding the front left of the green that should be avoided at all costs. Take a 5 and run!

Houghton 3rd p5 g_1.jpg

Stroke 18

Par 5 dog-leg left with a wide fairway that slopes down from right-to-left. Keep the tee shot right to ‘open’ up the hole. Lay-up well short of the creek if you’re not sure of getting all the way home; that will leave you with a fuller shot for this uphill approach which will have more chance of stopping on this smallish raised green. Decent birdie chance!

Houghton 4th p4 a 2018.jpg

Stroke 4

Take a moment to enjoy the scenery from the high tee that overlooks the fairway, plus look behind you towards the clubhouse. Once you’ve negotiated the carry over the dam with your tee-shot, a narrow uphill approach to another raised green beckons. Anything long on this green will take some doing to get “up & down”.

Houghton 5th p4 a.jpg

Stroke 16

A downhill and narrow fairway leads to a long steep uphill approach to another small & well-bunkered green. Avoid the cross-bunker about 40m short of the green, plus the greenside traps, at all costs.  Always allow for the uphill when calculating club selection.

Houghton 6th p4 a.jpg

Stroke 6

Slightly uphill along the access road, a short par 4 where once again, the fairway bunkers provide the biggest challenge. Keeping the tee-shot to the right side of the fairway opens up the rest of the hole.

Houghton 7th p3 a 2018.jpg

Stroke 14

A short hole with lots of carry across water to a diagonal and small green, and a small lone bunker guarding the right side for those hitting away from the water. Stay dry, and an easy par is on the cards!

Houghton 8th b_1.jpg

Stroke 8

A short downhill par 4 with a relatively wide fairway. The downhill approach shot needs to find the green, or the chances of making par disappear in the large front-right bunker. 4 is not bad on this one!

Houghton 9th p3 a 2018.jpg

Stroke 12

A beautiful short par 3 downhill over the access road, and with carry over water almost all of the way. One of the bigger greens on the course, but the twin dangers of water and sand lurk close by.

Houghton 10th a.jpg

Stroke 11

Please be careful of the cars on the right as you tee off, but a wide fairway beckons for this long par 5. A small green awaits, so make sure your 2nd shot stays in play so that your 3rd can be hit with precision from the short grass of the fairway.

Houghton 11th p4 a_1.jpg

Stroke 5

The OB on the right and the long protruding fairway bunker on the left are the obvious dangers, but the green is well guarded by sand, making this shortish par 4 quite a challenge.

Houghton 12th p4 A 2018.jpg

Stroke 1

The toughest hole on the course, and the longest par 4 on the card. If you have the game, then you can take on the dam fronting the green, but if you can’t take on the hole, then play it as a ‘3 shotter’, take your 5 and breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Houghton 13th p4 a 2018.jpg

Stroke 9

Another shortish par 4, but getting safely onto the fairway is the #1 priority. The ring of bunkers that surround this fairway must be avoided; the reward being a short approach to a fairly well-sloped green.

Houghton 14th p3 b_1.jpg

Stroke 15

A beautiful short par 3, sunk into an amphitheatre of pines and bluegums, but with a wickedly tiered green. Aim for the centre of the green, 2 putt, and appreciate your par.

Houghton 15th b.jpg

Stroke 17

One of the Houghton’s signature holes! A straightaway tee shot will leave you with a beautiful downhill 2nd or 3rd shot approach to a green guarded by water in the right & front. In the late afternoon with the sun behind you, take a photo in your mind of the walk down towards the green.

Houghton 16th p3 a 2018 screen.jpg

Stroke 7

A medium-to-long par 3 with lots of carry over water, but once on board, a big ridge in the centre of the green provides the greatest challenge.

Houghton 17th p4 a 2018.jpg

Stroke 13

Another signature hole. The view from the tee looks is magnificent, but very sandy, so ….. ‘stay off the beach’. The large fairway bunker will wreck any hopes on this short par 4. The small raised green should be approached with a relatively short club, made easier if you’re coming from the fairway.

Houghton 18th p4 a 2018.jpg

Stroke 3

A tough closing hole! A dog-leg to the left with a very wide fairway, and the left side of the fairway is best as it will open up the approach to the green and take the big dam out of the equation. But the traditional error shot goes right and away from the fairway and green, bringing the water more into play, and making the big tree guarding the right of the green much more prominent.