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Protection of Personal Information Act (“POPIA”) Notice

Dear Member & Guest,

POPIA is in full effect as of 1st July, 2021 and Houghton Golf Club is obliged to comply fully with that legislation. POPIA regulates how we handle your personal information while we do our work. POPIA is intended to balance two competing interests, these are:

  1. your constitutional right to privacy (which requires your personal information to be protected); &

  2. the needs of our society to have access to and to use your personal information for legitimate purposes, for example, to enable us to run the Houghton Golf Club on your behalf.

POPIA obliges this Club to inform you of our data management protocol and that is the main purpose of this notice.  If you wish to have greater insight into the way in which we implement POPIA, a copy of our POPIA Policy (including our Promotion of Access to Information Act / PAIA Policy) is held at the Pro Shop. Further, please read our Privacy Policy attached to our website.

  1. This Club will collect all your personal information from you directly. 

  2. We will be collecting your personal information to enable us to fulfil the mandate that we have been given by you.  This is the effective running and management of the Club, as well as the national handicap system run by Handicaps Network Africa (“HNA”), under the auspices of GolfRSA.

  3. Please be assured that GolfRSA, the South African Golf Association (SAGA), Women’s Golf South Africa (WGSA), the SA Golf Development Board (SAGDB), the SA Disabled Golf Association, all provincial golf Unions and HNA are fully POPIA compliant. Furthermore, all golf clubs in South Africa have been issued with the same POPIA compliance documents and training materials by GolfRSA to ensure full-spectrum POPIA compliance in amateur golf nationally.

  4. We will be passing your personal information only to HNA to enable them to effectively manage the national handicap system.  They and their technical partner process and store your personal information. Please note that the national handicap information technology systems have been stress tested to full international standard.

  5. There is an international component to the processing of handicap information and that service provider processes that information according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is standard in the European Union (their version of POPIA and in fact more stringent). GolfRSA is satisfied that that system is secure and professionally managed.

  6. You can rest assured that unless we are legally obliged to share your personal information, we will only share so much of your personal information as is needed by the authority that requires it, and we will only do so when it is necessary for us to do our work for you. In addition, all the Club’s staff are bound by confidentially clauses in their letters of employment.

  7. You have the right of access to your personal information and the right to correct any errors relating to the information that we have on record.  In addition, you have the right to object to us continuing to process your personal information. In this regard, please note that if you do exercise this right, we may not be able to do our work properly for you. 

  8. We are obliged by law to retain our records for a period after we have completed our work.  During this period, your personal information will also remain protected. Please be advised that HNA does store affiliated member information for a period of three years to allow for player renewal of membership. This is on a safe and isolated server.

  9. Please note that this Club uses secure IT systems, passwords, a firewall and anti-virus protection. Your information is only transferred to HNA via their secure system and nowhere else, save for the following exception – of necessity, Unions hold information of Club Captains, teams, Club EXCO and the like. Please be advised that all Unions are fully POPIA compliant with that personal information and only use it for those limited reasons.

  10. Should you have any concern with the use of the way this Club uses or stores your personal information, please contact the Houghton Golf Club CEO who is also the Club’s registered Information Officer.

  11. This Club assures our valued Members and guests that our processing of your personal information will be handled in a way that complies with all the relevant laws and that your rights to privacy will be protected as required by law.

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